Another page in development as of July 2018. Check back regularly to see some of what I use that can help you on your journey to becoming a plant-based runner!

This page contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click and buy the product using any of the links below, I will receive a commission on the sale. This is at no additional cost to you, and I only provide links for products that I love and use myself and recommend to other plant-powered runners.

Food and Nutrition

Protein Powders, Shakes, etc.

Huel. My ex, who’s still a good friend, gave me a big bag of this stuff a while back, and I had my doubts as to whether I’d like it. I’m a much bigger fan of real food, and the whole shake-it-in-a-blender-bottle thing…meh.

But I tried it one weekday morning when I was getting a little hangry despite being crunched for time at work, and now I’m converted. Having this on hand when I need a little extra something, or if I know I won’t be able to eat a regular breakfast, is REALLY handy. It’s also good for meeting your hydration needs as well: mix one cup with 500-600 ml of water (use a cup with measurements on the side; a Blender Bottle is ideal because of the ball whisk) and shake vigorously, sip your hunger pangs away and get needed nutrition and hydration to power you through your day (or at least to lunch)!

I also use it fairly often at home as a protein powder in my fruit smoothies. Each 1/4 cup gives you 9 grams of plant protein, so decide how much you need, dump that in your blender, food processor, Ninja, whatever and reap the benefit of all the nutrition it provides!

Amazing Grass. This is the first vegan protein powder I ever tried, and I was soooooooo glad to have discovered it while training in the summer (in Columbia, SC!) for an early October ultra! Amazing Grass comes in a variety of flavors, including fruit flavors like Berry and even Yerba Mate and Matcha, but I’m partial to the original green-label flavor and will typically add one scoop (20g protein) to a fruit smoothie to recover from a long Saturday run.

Protein/Energy Bars

Clif Bar. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but I don’t like to wear my sweet treats (in the form of unwanted “padding”) when I’m training for a 50k. These are reasonably priced for what they offer in terms of nutrition, and the variety of flavors like White Chocolate Macadamia, Blueberry Crisp and many more can satisfy most any sweet tooth without excessive fat (if you’re concerned about it) or sugar. Amazon also has some pretty sweet deals on boxes compared to the $1 that they cost at the supermarket or $2 at most convenience stores. Click any of the above to save!

Luna Bar. These are like Clif bars and come in similar yet complimentary flavors. Lemon Zest is one my personal favorites, and they also have a variety pack. One of the items in the variety pack is Peanut Honey Pretzel – boo – but as far as I know, all the rest in the variety pack are 100% vegan.

Larabar. I saw something about these on cable a few years back, and they are actually named after Lara, the bar’s creator. These are about as real-food as you can get without making your own: a typical ingredient list includes pecans, dates and maybe 3 other things related to the flavor (like apple juice concentrate for the Apple Pie-flavored bar in their variety pack). These are a tad pricier in that the bars are a little smaller for a similar price point to Clif Bars and Luna Bars, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality and nutrition.


I’ll be updating soon, and if you have any questions or particularly nutritional needs that you would like me to help you address, please comment anywhere on the blog or send me an email at plantpoweredrunning (at) mail [dot] com and I’ll be happy to help!