Last Chance 50K 12-13-14Hello! My name is Marian Nanney, I live in Columbia, South Carolina (USA), and I am here to share my experiences and wisdom with you about all things related to running, fitness and being vegan. (This is me at the finish line of my second ultramarathon, the 2014 Last Chance 50K. More about this and other fun, flat trail races in the Charleston area here.)

If you’re a runner and/or a vegan, there will be plenty here that you can relate to and perhaps also some things it would never occur to you to try (like my vegan slow-carb diet experience – craziness!).

If you’re neither a runner nor a vegan but interested in becoming one or the other, or if you’re a middle-aged person whose body is falling apart and you want to know what we superhumans do to stay fit and healthy in middle age (which I’m fast approaching), then, believe it or not, there’s something here you, too. Check out my post on yoga poses for low-back pain if that’s something you deal with on a recurring basis (as do I).

If there are any topics you would like for me to write on that fall under the broad categories of trail running, health/fitness and the plant-based diet, shoot me an email and I will give it my best shot!

Find me on the Interwebs at

…and then lace up, head out the door and check back in to let me know how it went!


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