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Vegan Slow-Carb Diet Wrap-Up

Well, my friends, I am officially done with my vegan slow-carb diet.

When I weighed in this morning to see how much of a difference it made, I discovered that I had gained an insignificant 0.2 lbs over the 129.3 where I checked in right before FATS.

The last week wasn’t exactly brutal, since I allowed myself a couple of cheats (I mean, c’mon, it was Halloween), but I did get tired of having to look past all the perfectly good fruit from my most recent Foodshare stash in my steadily emptying fridge until payday came around again on Wednesday. I was so determined to stick with it, though, that on Friday morning I had Cajun 15 bean soup for breakfast because that was all I had left to eat besides chili (and the fruit I was ignoring)!

But since good things come to those who wait, I was thrilled to make a big bowl of Cream of Wheat for breakfast before my Spartan race and know that from that point forward, every day would be cheat day and that I wouldn’t be missing out at Thanksgiving!

What did I learn from this experience?

Well, foodwise, I learned that a vegan slow-carb diet is challenging but not impossible. And apparently, the reduction in complex carbs leaves more wiggle room for fat consumption, which I tend to be a little OCD about. In the end, it was more like a cleanse than a diet, and I feel good about the break from processed foods even if it didn’t affect my weight in the end (not that I had a weight-loss goal).

Since I went about it in such an unscientific manner, it’s hard to say whether the grain-free eating or the Spartan workouts and burpees had more of an impact on my results at the Beast. Maybe it was a combination. In any case, I was also thrilled to finish my 12.4-mile obstacle course in 3:40 (with 6 sets of burpees) instead of the 4 or 5 hours (with 8 or 9 sets of burpees) that I had anticipated. And I did all my wall climbs unassisted! 😊

And now I can check off one of my two major athletic goals for the year: induction into the 2017 Spartan Trifecta Tribe!

The other big goal is my first 24-hour race, One Epic Run, on December 9. Stay tuned to find out how the training goes and how I normally fuel my Plant-Powered Running!


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