Vegan Slow-Carb Diet

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Week 2 Day 2

This morning before the gym I took measurements to see what, if anything, I might have lost this past week. As it turns out, not much: I’m down 0.6 lbs and I might have lost half an inch off my waist. That’s fine; I’m really just in this to see if I experience any strength gains or changes in performance.

Last week I did what was familiar and comfortable in terms of exercise so that I would be able to recover from the 50k and get acclimated to this diet. This week, though, I will be adding in a couple of Spartan workouts in preparation for the Beast on November 4. If you’re interested in knowing more about those, check out their website.

Exercise: 5:30 AM Body Pump with Chris.

Breakfast: Pinto beans with tofu scramble and Irish Breakfast tea with stevia.

Mid-morning: Noshing on dry roasted peanuts, Matcha tea with stevia. (Homegirl tries new things sometimes!)

Lunch: 3 leftover vadai, ginger cabbage and black beans.

Mid-afternoon: More Matcha tea. That cup this morning lit me up more than I thought it would!

Exercise part two: 2nd Monday run from Strictly Running. 3 miles solo + 3.5 with the group.

Dinner: So this happened. I have been wanting salad in the evening lately, but the only leafy anything on hand right now is some regular cabbage and red cabbage, so I made a salad with the latter and topped it with hummus. A little weird, but surprisingly good!

Bedtime sneaks sneaks up quick around here. Until tomorrow…


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