Vegan Slow-Carb Diet

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Day 6: Cheat Day!

Yep, only six days in and I’m already cheating. There’s no hope for this diet working out!

Kidding – this is actually part of the diet. The idea is that you’re on a calorie-restricted diet six days a week with a goal of aggressive weight loss. If your calories are restricted too many days in a row, your body, your hormones, etc. sense the scarcity and slow down your metabolism to help keep you from burning through those limited calories too fast and starving to death. The trick, basically, is one day a week of planned yo-yo-ing so that your metabolism stays where it needs to be in order to keep burning down your fat stores the other six days of the week. (This and other nuggets of wisdom proven by science can be found in The Four-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.)

Like I’ve said, I don’t feel hungry at all on account of the upswing in (plant-based) protein and even fat consumption from nuts and seeds I normally steer clear of. However, I’ve already managed to lose two pounds (or so said the scale this morning; the official weekly weigh-in and measurements will be on Monday) despite the lack of a weight-loss goal. I’m honestly hoping that this “cheat day” will have the opposite effect on me that it has on other people by helping my weight stabilize within a couple of pounds of where I am now.

Exercise: 9 miles in the rain – cool and refreshing, glad I wore a hat!

Breakfast: 5 giant-ass pancakes cooked up one at a time!

Lunch: A block of baked tempeh cubes marinated in soy sauce, garlic powder and onion powder. And 3 biggish corn muffins.

Mid-afternoon: Two small bags of Boy Scouts kettle corn.

Dinner: Random noshing on hummus and pita chips, bread, homemade kombucha and beer at a friend’s engagement party. Also scored some free scobies at the party, so look for a post on that in another week or two!


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