Vegan Slow-Carb Diet

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Day 5

Had a much easier time getting out of bed this morning; either I got enough sleep for a change, or gym schedule is a more powerful motivator than I realized.

Exercise: One hour on a stationary bike (see above).

Breakfast: The last of the pinto beans with tofu that I cooked up on Monday. Also, Irish Breakfast tea with stevia.

Mid-morning: Mint tea with stevia and mindless munching on peanuts at my desk.

Lunch: Chili topped with guac. Yum-o!

Also, sunflower seeds for “dessert” (just something bland to close the palette).

Mid-afternoon: More noshing on peanuts at my desk and more tea.

Dinner: Last of the kale salad with lemon pepper and ground sunflower seeds, hummus and sweet pepper strips, two spoons of peanut butter and mint tea with stevia.

Tomorrow is the first prescribed “cheat day” on this diet. Not that I think I need it, but it will be nice to switch it up for a day and reward myself after I run. Until then….


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