Vegan Slow-Carb Diet

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Day 4

Still felt run-down this morning despite going to bed on time. As long as I feel like I am getting enough to eat, I’ll ride it out and hopefully have normal energy levels by the beginning of next week.

Exercise“: Nothing structured; I like to take Thursday mornings off and sweep the floors, so that’s what I did while trying to wake up.

Breakfast: Pinto beans with tofu and spinach scramble. Taking another photo because it’s so pretty – and tasty!


Nothing but water! Although admittedly much of my cold water consumption was intended to improve the mood I was in…

Lunch: A couple handfuls of dry-roasted peanuts and leftover cassoulet. The nice thing about being vegan is that most everything keeps in the fridge for a week!

Mid-afternoon: A handful of dry roasted peanuts (bought them while running an errand at lunch) and mint tea with stevia.

Dinner: Kale salad with lemon pepper and ground sunflower seeds. Also, a spoonful of peanut butter and mint tea with stevia.

Although the day got off to a rough start from lack of sleep, I felt fine by lunch and kept it going with some more caffeine in the afternoon. And I’m still feeling full most of the time from stuffing myself to the gills (or so it seems) with beans and nuts. So much so that I am starting to wonder what others find so hard about the slow carb diet. Maybe the abrupt switch to real food?


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