Vegan Slow-Carb Diet

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Day 3

Exercise: Easy 5 mile run at 4:30 AM

Breakfast: Pinto beans with tofu scramble, Irish Breakfast tea with stevia, chai tea with stevia

Mid-morning: pigging out on hot and spicy peanuts. This container isn’t going to survive the day and I just opened it yesterday.

Also, because my work is having its annual wellness fair today, I got to go to a 30-minute Ashtanga yoga class right before lunch! Check out the hot instructor doing a headstand!

Lunch: the Greek style black eyed peas I forgot to photograph yesterday. I’d be long dead if not for leftovers!

Mid-afternoon: Green tea with mint and stevia and killed the hot and spicy peanuts. Did I call it or what?

Dinner: Kale salad with lemon pepper, olive oil and ground sunflower seeds. Also, a couple of spoons of peanut butter and mint tea with stevia.

So far I basically feel okay but perhaps a little run down. Not sure if the change in carb consumption is to blame or if I just need more sleep. We’ll find out after I read a little further in Awol on the Appalachian Trail and retire to bed on time.


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